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Although it’s one of the newest classes on offer at Bramley Baths, yoga nidra is actually an ancient technique which has been practised by those ‘in the know’ for centuries. 

In the increasingly hectic and stressful modern world we all now live in, it’s started garnering fans worldwide.  So what’s all the buzz about?

Yoga nidra is a powerful relaxation meditation technique performed in the lying position. It is one of the most beloved of all the techniques in the world today.

This is because yoga nidra is practical and easy to do and creates the deep rest and relaxation required for good health, mental peace and higher awareness.

Our Yoga nidra class is held on Thursdays at 12 noon, sessions last for 45 minutes. 

There’s no tricky poses to master so if you can lie on the floor then you can participate. 

During the session our instructor, Treasa, will gently guide you through four main stages of brain wave activity – beta, alpha, theta, and delta. 

The goal is to achieve a “hypnagogic state” — the state between wakefulness and sleep. It’s that magical time just before you fall asleep when the body rests while the mind is still reasonably lucid.   

Benefits include improved sleep, stress reduction, increased calmness and increased oneness and tranquility.

Once you are able to surrender to the power of yoga nidra you’ll find that it’s a reliable tool for those days when you don’t get enough sleep or simply need to take a beat to relax.