September 27, 2016

We’ve come a long, long way….

In the words of Fatboy Slim, “we’ve come a long long way together, through the hard times and the good”. We’ve come a long, long way since 1 January 2013 when the baths re-opened as a community-led enterprise. We changed the way things operate at Bramley Baths and gradually this old building has regained its confidence and it’s rightful place at the heart of local life, full of people working out, swimming, playing and learning new skills.

We’ve illustrated (below) some of the big changes that have happened here since 2013 – more opening hours, more people swimming, alot of calories burnt in the gym and many many more children learning to swim here in Bramley. We’ve created new jobs, run two FREE courses to help qualify young local lifeguards and give them a foot on the career ladder, developed a pick-your-own garden, supported local fundraising initiatives, attracted groups and families from all over the city, supported innovative new classes and ways to exercise – via the Bramley Mermaids, through mentored Triathlon with TriBB, and now, with the UK’s first Aqua Ballet Class; and we’re the only independent leisure centre to offer Leeds City Council’s Lets Get Active programme – providing FREE swimming and gym access each week – so that we can start to really break down some of the barriers that stop people in poorer neighbourhoods like Bramley from staying fit and well.

There’s alot more to do and we know it. But with you, with your ideas, support, knowledge and skills – let’s go further in achieving the vision of being an accessible, affordable and friendly place where people can stay fit and have fun – a place people want to come to work, learn, play and make things happen!

You can read our latest audited accounts below to check the financial health of Bramley Baths. The organisation has generated a surplus over the last financial year, whilst maintaining affordable and competitive prices, extending activities where they are popular and where there is obvious demand, but balancing this with access for all ages, especially to the pool. The surplus will go towards helping to keep this 1904 building as robust and healthy as we want everyone who uses it to feel too.

CLICK to read the latest set of Audited Accounts – Bramley Baths 2015-2015 – HERE

Take a bow Team Bramley Baths – you did GOOD. 






5 responses to “We’ve come a long, long way….”

  1. Paul Smith says:

    Fantastic achievement – well done. You were one of our inspirations and gave us enormous confidence that we could do it at Withington Baths!

  2. diane law says:

    That naughty bird adding to the statistics made me chuckle. Well done Bramley Baths Crew. Keep up the good work


    So good to see this information ! As I played a small part 5 years ago by doing a sponsered swim for Bramley Baths on the occasion of my 70th Birthday and also our Golden Wedding Anniversery where my husband and I met aged 11 I did raise £432.00 for the fund which at that time was in great need. How marvelous to see the achievement you have all made fr this wonderful building. Feel very honoured also to have my picture on the website when I ran and sold a shop one saturday evening for a very special event. So very pleased Kind regards Ann greenhough.

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