June 5, 2018

Watto great swim at Bramley Baths half-term event!

May the splash be with you bramley baths

Lazer swords at the ready! Photo: Lizzie Coombes

The Star Wars-themed event which ran over two days this half-term went down a treat, hosting 120 happy Jedi Knights, writes Evie Whitaker.

Children embarked on an epic journey into a galaxy far, far away, with even Kylo Ren – also known as marketing manager John Baron – showing up to see what it was all about!

May the splash be with you bramley baths

May the Splash Be With Your… Photo: Lizzie Coombes

Inflatable lightsabers gave our young apprentices chance to test their skills in the water whilst dodging some serious Death Star beach balls. Turns out they were a ‘force’ to be reckoned with.

Two cheeky chappies sneak up on this Dark Lord … Photo: Lizzie Coombes

One of our budding Jedi Knights, Elliott, said:

“I wish all swims were like this, it was so much fun.”

The battle of Bramley Baths was a hard-fought one … Photo: Lizzie Coombes

And young Jack was equally impressed. He said:

“All of the Star Wars floats were great!”

May the splash be with you

Feel the Force of Bramleyt Baths! Photo: Lizzie Coombes

Parent Marie Millward also loved the event. She said:

“Sometimes we forget we have such a special baths that holds these events for us.”

Our Edwardian Baths stands proudly, enchanting swimmers young and old. But it’s even more fun when you get to battle the dark side at the same time!

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