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Bramley Mermaids Club brings women together for a creative swimming and water dance class once a week. The club meets to learn new routines inspired by synchronised swimming techniques and vintage hollywood film – in particular the famous water sequences choreographed by Busby Berkeley.

“I never realized exercise could be so much fun, helps my lower back pain and always lifts my mood as we laugh lots while working out.”

“Sociable, hilarious, fabulous, creative exercise.”

“Elegant exercise, splashtastic fun and a great way to spend an hour in the pool.”

“It really helps with my fibromyalgia. I feel like a new woman the next day – it helps my mood and is a hilariously funny and enjoyable form of exercise”


You don’t need any experience of synchro or water dance – just a sense of fun and adventure. It’s a great way to relax, learn new skills in the pool and practise the basics of synchronised swimming with a friendly group of women. The classes are run by Yorkshire Life Aquatic’s Lucy (synchronised swimmer) and Zoe (choreographer).

The friendly group works together to create performances for special events at Bramley Baths and have taken their work out to other swimming pools including Manchester’s Withington Baths – a community-led leisure centre.

Drop in anytime to watch or join in with the Bramley Mermaids. The club is open to all abilities and you’re welcome to bring daughters aged 12 years and over. Each session costs £4.50. It’s free if you’re a member at Bramley Baths.

Bramley Mermaids meet every Sunday 7.30-8.30pm during term times. Drop in, there’s no need to book.

For more information contact Bramley Baths, [email protected] or join the Bramley Mermaids Facebook group to see the latest routines and hear about Mermaid socials.

Have we persuaded you yet? Watch this introductory film and give Sunday nights a Mermaid high five!