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I’m taking part in the new Run Bramley Baths group, which is taking a group of us from the Couch to 5k. Here’s my latest report ...

The start of week three already! The previous two weeks have zipped by so quickly, but I do feel like I’m making progress.

This week was more of a challenge as our trainer, Claire, upped up our running time to a three-minute jog, followed by a three-minute walk (repeated several times).

I must admit my legs felt like wooden logs towards the end of the three minutes. I felt a bit like the walking tree Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy!

While it was tougher for all of us, it was another milestone in my bid to get fitter. We tackled some hills today, which were a challenge.

But I got through it, with gritted teeth. It’s not easy, but with the support of Claire and a lovely group of people I have a safety net to catch me and support me.

I’m getting there. I WILL get there.

Because “I am Groot…”