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I’m taking part in the new Run Bramley Baths group, which is taking a group of us from the Couch to 5k. Here’s my report from our second week...

This week has been tougher than week one – but I do believe I’m already starting to find my running shoes!

If I go back two weeks, the thought of running anywhere would have given me a sense of dread.

Apart from my running with the new Run Bramley Baths group, last night I found myself breaking into a jog while out with the dog, and the day before I even jogged for a couple of minutes into work!

Some of the runners from today’s Run BB session.

Week two of Run Bramley Baths has seen us starting with a five-minute brisk warm-up walk before doing 90 seconds running, followed by two minutes walking for a total of 20 minutes.

I must admit, there are times when the 90 seconds has seemed a long time! The additional 30 seconds from last week is already starting to build up my stamina. My legs felt a bit like lead today for our second session on the week but I soon got going.

And as I said last week, this group is friendly and encouraging. No-one gets left behind, which is just as well in my case!