Some of you will have noticed that we have had some pool closures recently, and we just wanted to explain what has been going on.

We’ve been working hard to try resolve technical problems with one of the filters, which has resulted in non-harmful filter media coming into the pool.

The good news is the installation company is coming out this week to replace the filter, which we’re told will resolve the problem.

We’ve also had closures recently due to isolated incidents due to vomiting or excrement in the pool.

We never take the decision to close the pool lightly and appreciate it inconveniences our customers (as well as impacting our income which, as a community-led business, we can ill afford).

But we always put the health and wellbeing of our customers first. We’d like to ask customers not to eat at least an hour before coming into the pool to help minimise these incidents.

The good news is since the work in the plantroom in January, the quality of our water has been even better than before, and our use of chemicals such as chlorine has reduced.

We’re confident that once the filter issues are resolved that we’ll have a pool which is much more reliable.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.