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About our pool 

Bramley Baths is the only remaining Edwardian bath-house in Leeds and is Grade II listed. It first opened as a pool and public bath-house in 1904, enabling local residents to wash, swim and use the Russian Steam Baths, fashionable with the Edwardians as a healthy pastime.

In 2011 Leeds City Council, under budgetary pressures, invited expressions of interest to take over management of Bramley Baths. A group of residents and supportive local organisations worked together to write a business plan, raise funds and transfer Bramley Baths to the community. Bramley Baths became a not-for-profit, community-led, professionally-run enterprise and began a new era on 1st January 2013.

Wheel chair access? 

Our Pool is ground Level with disability changing and toilet facilities. We also have equipment to allow easy access into the pool (Pool Hoist) and flotation equipment if it is needed during your swim… just ask our friendly staff. Any questions please feel free to Email [email protected]

Pool Diamentions

The pool dimentions are:

Lengh – 25 yards (22.86 meters)

Width –

Shallow Depth –

Midway Depth –

Deep Depth – 1.75 meters