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About our pool 

Bramley Baths is the only remaining Edwardian bath-house in Leeds and is Grade II listed. It first opened as a pool and public bath-house in 1904, enabling local residents to wash, swim and use the Russian Steam Baths, fashionable with the Edwardians as a healthy pastime.

In 2011 Leeds City Council, under budgetary pressures, invited expressions of interest to take over management of Bramley Baths. A group of residents and supportive local organisations worked together to write a business plan, raise funds and transfer Bramley Baths to the community. Bramley Baths became a not-for-profit, community-led, professionally-run enterprise and began a new era on 1st January 2013.


Bramley Baths is committed to providing accessibility for all individuals. Here is some information regarding accessibility at Bramley Baths:


  1. Wheelchair Access: The facility is wheelchair accessible, except for the balcony around poolside.


  1. Parking: There are designated accessible parking spaces available near the entrance of Bramley Baths for individuals with mobility needs.


  1. Entrance: The entrance to Bramley Baths is accessible, with wide doors and step-free access.


  1. Changing Facilities: There are accessible changing rooms and toilet facilities available for individuals with mobility challenges.


  1. Pool Access: The swimming pool at Bramley Baths is equipped with a pool hoist to assist individuals with mobility impairments in entering and exiting the pool.


  1. Assistance Animals: Service animals are welcome at Bramley Baths.


  1. Signage: Clear signage is in place throughout the facility to assist individuals in navigating the building and accessing different areas.


Our team are always on hand to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer any necessary assistance where possible.


It is recommended to contact Bramley Baths directly for more detailed and up-to-date accessibility information specific to your needs. They can provide further details and address any specific concerns or requirements you may have. Please email [email protected] or phone 0113 256 0949


Pool Dimensions

The pool dimensions are:

Length – 22.86 meters (25 Yards)

Width – 10.06 metres (11 Yards)

Shallow Depth – 0.90 meters

Midway Depth – 1.2 meters

Deep Depth – 1.75 meters