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My experience at Bramley Baths has really opened my eyes to all the hard work each individual puts in, by Lily Evanson, aged 15.

Before my work experience I didn’t think about what goes on behind the scenes. I just went for a swim then went home. Now I actually appreciate the staff who keep Bramley Baths afloat. 

In my time here I haven’t just learnt about how to take a pool test or how to use gym equipment; I have also learnt the importance of teamwork and how it can make or break a business. 

Obviously I am going to find some of the work boring as I am a teenager who would honestly rather be doing other things, but some of the work I have been given has been quite interesting. For example, the running of the pool or the marketing side of it. 

During the week I: 

  • Cleaned the steam room
  • Was shown around the gym
  • Wrote multiple marketing posts
  • Observed swimming lessons
  • Taken a pool test
  • Sat in on a management meeting
  • Worked on reception
  • Worked on the finance side

I have really got the full experience of what it’s like to work at Bramley Baths from every possible angle. 

The staff have been so welcoming as well. Everyone in each department has been really lovely, ready to welcome me with open arms. 

At the start of the week I was very negative about work experience and about what it had to offer me. But now, at the end of the week, I have realised that I have gained life-long skills that can be adapted to any situation. 

I have learnt how to use problem solving skills to deal with any problem you need to overcome. I have also gained more confidence in my social skills and talking to new people. Most importantly I have learnt teamwork. 

People used to come in to school and preach about the importance of teamwork in the workplace but I just didn’t really understand that until now.

I prefer to do things on my own than be apart of a team but I now understand that I wouldn’t get anywhere in life if I wasn’t apart of a team to help me along. 

That is exactly what Bramley Baths is all about. They are a team that work together to provide Bramley with a clean and friendly place to swim. 

Thank you to the staff that have helped me through this eye-opening week and I really hope you can get better computers soon!