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Children’s Swimming Lessons

Photo of kids swimming underwater

About Our Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim equips children with valuable skills, teaching them to be safe in the water, and introducing them to the joy of swimming. The pool is an ideal depth and temperature for learners.

Our classes run Monday to Sunday each week for children aged  4 years upwards.

Our experienced teachers follow the Dolphin Programme, which awards children at regular intervals so that they can keep developing and celebrate their achievements. Every child is assessed each term to make sure they are receiving the teaching support & encouragement they need.

Less experienced swimmers are assisted in the water by friendly teachers. Our teachers are STA and ASA-trained and passionate about helping learners become confident and happy in the water.

How Much are the Child's swimming lessons?

The children’s swimming lessons are £8 a lesson and each term varies in length. 

How do I book my child onto lessons?

Our Swimming Lessons are very popular at Bramley Baths, We will Add your Child or Children to a waiting list and Contact you when there is availability. Our Waiting list is currently closed but keep a look out for when it is back open again! 

Is your child currently in lessons at Bramley Baths?

Did you know we have now got a new app that enables you to now pay and manage your child’s lessons and keep you up to date with there progress?