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Forget the idea that ballet’s elitist, too difficult to learn and just not for you.

The weekly sessions here at Bramley Baths aim to prove that it’s fun, that people of all ages, shapes and sizes can get involved – and that you definitely don’t need to wear a tutu!

Our sessions are run by Northern Rascals, a friendly outfit committed to making dance accessible, simple, fun and affordable to EVERYONE in the community.

Above all, they hope you’ll have a good time and make new friends, as well as helping you to stretch some muscles and improve your health while learning what is a beautiful art form.

Here’s what some of our attendees had to say about the weekly classes, which are run by the friendly and down-to-earth Kathryn:

Jane has only been coming for a couple of weeks, but said: “You pick it up easily.

“Everyone is really friendly, there is no pressure to do anything, you just do what you can do. I find the sessions challenging, but also really amusing and we have a laugh, which is good.

“You’re never made to do anything you’re uncomfortable with or can’t do, and the pacing is relaxed.”

Ellen said the main attraction was the reasonable price – professionally-run ballet sessions elsewhere could cost as much as £15, whereas here it’s £4.65 adults (and just £2.50 if you have a Bramley Extra Card).

She added: “It’s so hard to get a professional classes that aren’t super expensive. This is affordable, accessible for everyone and fun.”

And Sara, who’s normally more into contemporary dance than ballet, added: “This is relaxed, friendly but focused. It’s good fun, no-one should be frightened of coming along even if they’ve never done it before.”

Her comments about not being frightened are echoed by the friendly tutor, Kathryn. She said:

“I see this as being a casual session – you are here for yourself, not to fit into what I might want.

“This isn’t about tutus and leotards, it’s about beginners restoring their balance and stretching their muscles, as well as learning about ballet.

“It helps tackle modern-day working and stresses – it’s about lengthening and strengthening. We have small classes, so we’re adaptable to people’s needs and abilities. Nobody should feel wary of coming here.”

Ballet for Beginners runs every Monday (except Bank Holidays) here at Bramley Baths from 2pm. No need to book, just come along on the day.