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70-year-old Annabelle is one of the familiar faces you might bump into here at Bramley Baths. She’s been a regular for some time now, and has been on quite a journey with her fitness instructor Jennie.

This is the fourth (and final, for now) part of Annabelle’s story, which we hope will inspire you to reach the heights as she has. 

“Don’t come to Bramley Baths’ gym just to look good and pose. Sometimes you see that at other places, but not here.

“Come here to put the work in. Take it slowly, build it up gently as I have. I like to look good, but when I’m in the gym my earrings and makeup come off. I might be 70 but I’m here to work. Without the pain there is no gain.

“Gyms can be intimidating places for women, but here isn’t. The staff are friendly, the inductions are good. Jennie, my trainer, is wonderfully friendly and can’t do enough for you. She inspires and motivates me every time I come and I love her dearly.

“We have fun. And that’s how it should be, hard work but fun. You have got to have a laugh otherwise it’s not worth it!

“Come here and put the work in. When you have as many conditions as I do at my age it’s not easy, but the staff here are friendly and approachable. You can ask them for anything. I’m genuine about how nice they are! They make it much less frightening.

“The weights I do here replicate the weight of a shopping basket, so I am building up my strength for everyday life. Everything I do here helps me in real life. I don’t know what I’d do with this place.”

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