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Annabelle is one of the familiar faces you might bump into here at Bramley Baths. She’s been coming here for some time now, and has been on quite a journey with her fitness instructor Jennie.

We hope her story, which we’ll feature regularly on the BB website, will inspire you to reach the heights like she has.

“I was at another gym and my personal trainer said he was going to have six months off, but I knew he wouldn’t come back. I came here to Bramley Baths and found Jennie.

“Gyms can be very frightening places, particularly for women. And we’re all getting older, with problems like arthritis and diabetes. I’m 71 this year. That’s what stops people from going, they think they can’t do it any more or that it will be too painful, but I never found it so. I wasn’t going to let my problems stop me.

“The gym here is buzzing in the evening, but it can be quieter during the day. That’s when I meet Jennie. She takes any fear away.

“It’s what Jennie offers that’s important. She is funny, kind, caring, she gives you her love. She is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met in my life and she gives me so much confidence.

“Since I arrived in this gym what I can do now far exceeds anybody’s expectations. If you have arthritis like I do you can worry about the pain, but I’ve found exercise oxygenates the knees

“Jennie has helped me improve my abilities in an extraordinary way. I can do overhead weights of 20 kilos and leg pushes of 90 kilos. I can now use my plastic and steel shoulder! I’ve started to use the battle ropes from the easy ones to the most difficult and I’m now at the stage where I can do five minutes.

“Jennie has very cleverly put together a programme to help with my arthritis and my plastic and steel shoulder. It helps with doing the day to day things like picking up heavy shopping bags, reaching up to the top shelf and standing on a chair to change a lightbulb, She slowly builds it up for me and challenges me.

“The people here are lovely. They share and celebrate in my success. Everybody’s nice, from reception through to the gym and everywhere else.

“Bramley Baths is a special place with special people. “

Next week Annabelle will be talking about how she fins some of the exercises she does in the gym.