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70-year-old Annabelle is one of the familiar faces you might bump into here at Bramley Baths. She’s been a regular for some time now, and has been on quite a journey with her fitness instructor Jennie.

This is the third part of Annabelle’s story, which we hope will inspire you to reach the heights as she has. Part one of her story can be read here, part 2 here.

Last time I talked about how coming regularly has helped me get fitter and tackle some of my problems, like arthritis. I’m not here to be a champion, I’m just here to get fitter and improve my health and be able to do day-to-day things like carry heavy shopping.

Going hand in hand with coming regularly is building my strength gradually. You can’t do it all at once, regular gentle exercise has been the key in building my strength.

This is your training, nobody else’s. You are not here to kill yourself. Your personal trainer will help you or you can ask the staff for help. I’m often found walking around the gym with weights, to replicate carrying heavy shopping. I started at a light weight and have slowly built it up.

“As an example of the strength I’ve built up in my body, I was able to come to the gym the other week and say ‘Jennie, I was knocked over by a car the other day – my husband accidentally reversed into me, it wasn’t bad. But thanks to the work I’d done on strengthening my knees I was able to get up.’

“It’s marvellous to have the ability to get up at my age. It’s amazing how much doing a little by yourself in the gym each week helps you out.

“People here at Bramley Baths have been so supportive. They are lovely people, so friendly and knowledgeable. They’ll happily offer advice and support.”

Keep an eye out for part 4 of Annabelle’s journey next week.