September 26, 2017

AGM Report and Accounts 2017

Each September at our AGM, we ask the members of Bramley Baths & Community Limited to hear about the work the organisation has been involved in. The AGM minutes are available to read below.

Members are asked to review and approve the accounts for that year, and to vote to approve any changes to the Board.

Every year we ask an independent auditor to review our accounts. At the AGM we present those audited accounts to the members of Bramley Baths & Community Limited. If they are approved by the members, the accounts become an official record of our trading for the year and are sent to Companies House where all Ltd Companies in the UK are registered.

The accounts show our income and expenditure for the financial year ending March 2017.

Accounts – You can read the approved audited accounts for 2016-2017 HERE

It’s been a good year, putting us in a great position to start to focus on involving more people and improving the facilities here, which will take a fair bit of work, lots of brains, and some external funding.

AGM Report in full – You can read the Bramley Baths AGM Minutes 26 Sept 2017 HERE

We had a superb AGM, reviewing the work achieved in 2016/2017. Alongside the official business, we celebrated the phenomenal work of the staff at Bramley Baths, the work of volunteers who help with the garden, run groups like TriBB; we welcomed new Board members from the community to help steer the organisation, and we swam, talked and discussed the future now that we have a 50 year lease.

One of the new Board members Julie, commissioned an edible replica of Bramley Baths from cake company Iced Idea, that we tucked right into!

Unlike any other AGM we know of, ours has a resident poet. Here’s Julie’s poem written in celebration of a good year.  

Every year at Bramley Baths,
We hold our AGM.
That is our Annual General Meeting,
And here it comes again.
Time to enjoy this local treasure,
That sits before our eyes,
Teaching more adults than ever to learn to swim,
What a brilliant surprise!
The Triathlon club established,
Brownlee brothers come on down.
You can join the gym, take a steam or massage,
Become the fittest in the town.
And all at bargain prices,
It will not cost fancy money,
Families sharing time together,
Getting healthy – all sounds funny.
But we would really love to see you,
Have your input, make things grow,
As we can only serve the community better,
If the community let us know…..
Just what would be most useful,
Perhaps more gardening would be good?
Come along and join us,
So we can do all that we should.
And if that does not entice you,
There will be a little treat,
A special cake like Bramley Baths,
We can all just share and eat.



2 responses to “AGM Report and Accounts 2017”


    I attended Bramley Baths AGM and paid my £1.00 to John as he explained it was to add my name to a list so am hoping this was done as I didnt sign anything.


    Sorry my above email was not finished, also wanted to say how thrilled I was to hear of all the success going on in every corner. 6 years ago on my 70 th Birthday I did a sponsered swim I swam half a mile 36 lengths of B.B. and raised £432 00. for the much needed funds in those early days. My Husbands picture gaed 12 years old holding a cup he won for a swimming medley is up in the foyer thanks to Fran helping me to get this done as in September 1970 it was also our Golden Wedding anniversery and as we met at the baths aged only 11years old Bramley Baths is very special to us both and to out family This story was actually published in the Evening post at the time. So yes as will imagine sooooo pleased at the success story and long may it continue. Kind regards Ann & Mike Greenhough

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