March 3, 2018

Customer Notice – 6 March

Bramley Baths will re-open on Wednesday 7 March 2018. 


Thank you to everyone who has posted messages of support – we really appreciate it, and boy did we need to know we still have your backing and support. It’s a little easier dealing with these sorts of issues when you know that there’s so many brilliant people standing behind you with their fingers crossed and ready to help if it’s needed.

Now to business….

You’ll be able to use the gym, the pool, the steam room and take part in all regular classes and activities from Wed 7 March 2018.

The pool may be a little colder than normal at first while it heats up to the regular temperature – but we think this will only effect the first wave of swimmers – and we know they’re hardy folks!

Monthly members will receive an extra week on their membership package.

Parents of children in swimming lessons – please check with reception as we’re keen to make up for the lost time in lessons over the last 6 days.


Love from everyone at BB.

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